Admission Policy

Saraswathi Ammal Lions Matriculation School  is a renowned Institution, (in Virudhunagar District) which functions under the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. We follow the CBSE policy in admitting children to school. Admissions are finalized in the month of March.

Admission to Kindergarten

To be admitted to L.K.G, a child must be atleast three years old. Pupils meant for admission must be introduced personally by their parents or guardians, who are responsible for their regularity, punctuality, good conduct, in addition to paying fees on time. Application forms can be got from the office on payment. They should be submitted along with the Birth Certificate in the office.

Admission to classes (I to VIII)

A student seeking admission to any class in the school will be eligible for admission to that class if student 
(i) Has been studying in a school recognized by or affiliated with CBSE or any other recognized Board of Secondary Education in India.
(ii) Has passed an equivalent qualifying examination making her eligible for admission to the class.
(iii) Satisfies the requirements of age limits as determined by the state and applicable to the place where the school is located.

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