Our Squads

The students of the school are divided into four different squads namely ACHIEVERS, CREATORS, INNOVATORS, and SUCCEEDERS. Each squad is managed by teachers and students as squad mistress, Assistant mistress, Captain & Commander. The squads have to perform their day-to-day activities and competitions in systematic and disciplined manner. Points are awarded according to their involvement. The best squad is awarded.


school-squad-achieversMotto : Dream, Act, Achieve.

Vision :  Achievers spot rich opportunities, make big decisions and move into action immediately.

Mission : Achievers are destined to do Great things with self confidence, continuous effort and time management.


school-squad-innovatorMotto : Idea, Plan, Perform

Vision : Every student inspired to learn and empowered excel.

Mission : Unlock the full potential of each child so as to succeed in today’s challenging world.


school-squad-creatorMotto : Enkindle, Erect, Empowerment

Vision : Let their airfoils aviate in the sky with visionary aptitude.

Mission : Lend a hand to each bud to develop with active and creative mind, sense of understanding.


school-squad-succeederMotto : “Be succeedy, don’t needy”

Mission : A strong commitment and sense of duty to do everything and achieve anything

Vision : Our Succeeders hold the key of ability to unlock their dreams into success.

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